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Google’s Take on Notes

Evernote better take notes on how Google does note-taking with its new mobile and web app Keep. The talk of the town is Keep is a strong competitor against fan favorite Evernote and may give it a run for its money. News of the app was leaked when it “accidently” appeared in Google Drive several days ago.

Google Keep and Evernote

Photo Credit: Google

As a short-time user of Evernote I can honestly say I do love using the app-even though tonight was the first I logged in after eight months-and its easy to access old ideas or refer back to ideas/strategies that are still applicable to my current work. Do I really need to use two systems for these purposes?  How many notes, checklists, and photos do we really need to keep? If you run a business, consult clients, a studious student, or just a forgetful person that needs constant reminders, these types of apps are handy but you need to choose one and stick with it.

Evernote is growing strategically healthy. The company has found an incredible niche within the academic and business environments, and has a well oiled integration strategy encouraging  developers and designers to build products that enhance the overall functionally of Evernote through DevCup.  Another interesting line of business is using certain Cannon scanners to directly upload photos and documents, and to store them in Evernote. Thus, Evernote is more than note-taking, it’s cloud storage.

For a company that does not have an exit strategy in terms of being acquired by say a Google, Dropbox, Salesforce, Facebook, or other acquisition happy tech giant that seems to eat up companies, Evernote appears to be in a positive position of sustainability and ongoing improvement. It appears the company is putting its $251M capital raised to good use by continually innovating its offerings and functionality (and making good on shareholders investment return through rounds of fundraising).

Due to the fact the company is striving to be lifers in the business the competition with Google’s Keep will be interesting to follow for two initial reasons.

  1. Ecosystem: Google views product development as an ecosystem. Each product from Gmail to Google Drive is integrated. With Google you can send and receive email, create documents; store Docs and scanned and/or saved items in a cloud based Drive; download apps from the Play store, You can access each platform basically from one dashboard. Evernote is accessible in the sense where you can access notes in the cloud but Google is an ecosystem product based company.  How can Evernote compete with this? In a world where too many apps or systems is frankly too much, streamlining via integration of multiple apps/functions seems like a better option. 
  2. Rate of Adoption: Of Evernote’s 50 million users, how many are suspected to flock over to Keep to test drive the app? Of the percentage of Evernote users that flock to Keep during their test drive period, how many are expected to continually use Keep and discontinue use of Evernote? Google claims to be solving the problem of keeping track of ideas and things to remember with Keep but many other web app and mobile app competitors have been solving this issue for the last 6+ years. Besides transcribing voice notes in Keep, what is the biggest differentiation other than Google integrating the app into its ecosystem?

Either way, the product promise of Evernote and Google Keep is to capture the most important things in life by keeping track of ink and typed notes, photos, audio and webcam notes, and scanned items.

Let’s see if Keep will be a winner or major #fail. 

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TweetDeck Eliminated On Multiple Platforms

Tweetdeck no longer on the iPhone, android, and desktop

(Photography Credit:

TweetDeck  dominated the social media management space for several years but it’s time for marketers, companies, and individuals who loved the tool to say goodbye as it will no longer be available for the iPhone, Android and desktop. TweetDeck was bought by Twitter in 2011 and two years later, the new development focus for the tool is to build a well-integrated and functioning web app

Mobile apps are dominating the market and Twitter is making a bold move eliminating TweetDeck on iPhone and Android. Another bold move Twitter is making is the elimination of Facebook integration as the new focus for TweetDeck will not support it after May.

The elimination will not take place into May and shortly after will no longer function but one has to ask, is this a mistake or genius move? Let the next 3-6 months after TweetDeck is removed from the app store and no longer functioning on the iPhone, Android and Desktop.

Personally, I stopped using TweetDeck two years ago because it continued to crash my computer but we had good times!

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#SMW13: Day 1- JWT Keynote from David Eastman

David Eastman, North American CEO of JWT, noted “Everything that can  be social will be” in his keynote speech on how social is eating the web. Marketers have to rethink how to define in as it applies to their field. Retooling the way we view social was a theme in David’s speech. Social has not only changed the way we connect with the world but how we live our lives. The world is living in a social age where the “me” becomes “we” or a “you and I” ecosystem; no longer are we living our lives unnoticed in this connected space we call the social web. So, what will marketing look like in a socially connected world?

Social Media Week Keynote speech from David Eastman, North American CEO of JWT

(Photography Credit: JWT)

Social media is a network of people interacting with others. It is no secret the social web continues to transform how we live our lives from the music we play, how we bank in a 2.0 world, tools we use for productivity, how we shop and share, engage with customers and brands, communicate through email and messaging, conduct research,  and learn.  The social web is encompassing everything we do. It’s an energetic force that connects us all of the time. By the end of this decade, 5 billion people will be the social web.

Technology has become socialized in the sense mobile is growing as an extension of how we integrate social into our lives. Yes, it is hardware but its the physical element that provides the access to the social web. And so much so, social will be preferably mobile by the end of 2013 because it will outperform how users access the internet. Marketers need to seriously address how this will define what they do in the future.

Watch JWT New York’s Social Media Week kickoff with a keynote speech from David Eastman on

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2013 Social Media Events to Attend

Every person, company, small business and brand has at some point jumped on the social media train by now. Whether their endeavors have been successful or failed to launch, social media is here to stay and you better get used to it. Social media is more than a status update, sharing of pictures and video, recommending items or brands to friends, and engaging with customers. There is a science and art to social media, its called strategy.

Think of social media as a road map to your end goal whether you use it for business or personal, you want to establish presence, authority and market research to help you be a better “online face” to your brand. Each year around the world, hundreds if not thousands of social media events take place to educate attendees on how to use social media, trends, research, and future changes.

Here is a guide to social media events in early 2013 that you do not want to miss.

January 2013

The Social Media Conference January 16-18 Las Vegas, NV

The Social Media Conference will be held in Las Vegas, NV January 16-18 at Harrah’s Hotel & Casino . The two day conference is still finalizing speakers and its agenda but it will probably be packed with information to propel your your social media forward.

Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry will take place in London January 23-24. Pharmaceutical marketing, let alone social media marketing, can be a difficult task but if you have the extra funds to learn from the best, cross the pond for this two day event.

February 2013

The Social Media Strategies Summit 2013 February 5-7 will be held this year in Las Vegas, NV. This summit has a little something for everyone. Public Relations professionals can sit on a workshop with Glen Selig, Founder of PRNEWS Channel,  to learn how to build an effective social media press release; learn customer acquisition through social media lessons from David Barrett, Founder/CEO of Expensify; or if you work for a large enterprise, learn how to integrate social channels for your company with teachings by Derek Van Nostron, VP of Digital Marketing at CNN. If you have the budget, go to Vegas but whatever happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas this time as you must apply what you learned and teach your colleagues.

6th Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference taking place February 6-8 will take place at the Walt Disney World Resort. This conference is for public relations and communications professionals that are expanding their roles as social media strategist to effectively set up a company’s brand through social networking. Social media is increasingly important to PR and communications people and if you are ahead of the curve, attend the event.

BlogWell Dallas New York Bay Area 2013

BlogWell 2013 BlogWell is a one day conference that helps smaller to mid size brands learn how big brands are currently doing  social media. The first event in 2013 will take place February 13 in Dallas, TX and  New York and San Francisco later in the year.

Social Media Week 2013 Event Details

#SMW 2013 is coming back for its third year February 18-22 in Copenhagen, Doha, Hamburg, Lagos, Miami, Milan, New York, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, and Washington DC. Presented by Nokia, this week-long event is a culmination of on site and offsite workshops and panels hosted by some of the worlds leading companies and people that know social media more than they know themselves. This events gives attendees the opportunity to hobnob with those that can help sky-rocket your social media in your field or industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity if #SMW is coming to your city.

March 2013

Social Media for Nonprofits New York City March 7

Social Media for Nonprofits-New York City will be held March 7 and is a great one day conference for executive directors, founders, development professionals, marketers, bloggers and media, board members, volunteers, and nonprofit consultants. Some of the key takeaways include fundraising in a social age, platforms and resources for social media marketing, social measurement and analysis, and networking with key panelist.

SXSW Interactive 2013 Event Details

SXSW Interactive 2013 is probably one of the top conference and networking events in the world. SXSW takes place March 8-17 but the interactive part takes place March8-12 in Austin, TX. Attended by thousand innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, social media strategist, big brands, startups, businesses around the globe, this is where you need to be to learn the latest trends in the interactive world. If you’re a startup, visit the Startup Village, attend Startup Accelator events, experience demos and pitches, and network with investors.

Social Media Tulsa 2013 Event Details

Social Media Tulsa Conference 2013 will take place March 21-22 in Tulsa, OK. The event promises great keynote speeches, networking, case study sessions, and presentations by top professionals from around the country. If you never been to Tulsa and looking to expand your social media strategy roadmap, attend the conference.

Blissdom Conference 2013

BlissDom Conference ’13 will be held in Grapevine, TX at the Gaylord Texan Hotel March 21-23. Typically a conference for women, this is a great opportunity to keep up to date with the latest trends in blogging, social media, public relations, and offers premium networking opportunities.


TV Recap: CW Network Finally Has a HIT with ‘Ringer’

The CW’s new thriller “Ringer” starring pop culture icon Sarah Michelle Gellar will be a BIG Hit. The show is suspenseful, nicely written, dramatic, mysterious and edgy while maintaining a cerebral and thought-provoking essence. The opening sequence provided the suspense needed to get audiences captivated and find out why a mysterious hit man was out to kill Bridget Kelly (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Who is Siobhan? Who is Bridget?

CW Ringer Sarah Michelle Gellar

Credit: CW Network

It is important to realize that Gellar’s biggest TV role was as Buffy Summers on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” which aired 1997-2003 on The CW and UPN. Her role as a ass kicking vampire slayer is not one she is portraying in “Ringer.” Though just as dark, Gellar has matured in her acting ability and grown with time. She is no longer the young 20-something girl who came to stardom in roles like “Cruel Intentions” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” This new role requires Gellar to take on a bipolar character playing Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin, two women whose lives are just as identical as their physical appearance.

We learn that Bridget is a recovering drug addict in love with her narcotics sponsor Malcolm Ward (played by Mike Colter) and has escaped testifying in a trial that could potentially put her 6-feet under. FBI Agent Victor Machado (Nestor Carbonell) is now on the hunt to find Bridget as she is now considered a fugitive. Victor tracks down Siobhan Martin to find the whereabouts of Bridget but unbeknownst to him, she is now Siobhan and not copping to the fact she has switched identities upon her sister’s untimely “death.”

CW Network Ringer Cast Photo

Credit: CW Network

With Siobhan temporarily out of the picture, Bridget begins to think she can escape her horrid life back in Wyoming. Her hopes are quickly dashed as she learns her marriage is a sham and her husband despises her every existence. There seems to be a lot of confusion in the Martin’s Park Ave condo. The terms of Andrew Martin’s (played by Ioan Gruffudd) and Siobhan’s marriage seems to be a match made of murder and Secrecy. Andrew’s teenage nymphomaniac and drug addicted daughter, Juliet Martin, seems to have a deep hate towards Siobhan/Bridget and anger with her father. Tensions run high between Andrew and Bridget as he is not aware of why his seemingly estranged wife is “different”. As people in the hood would say, Bridget is acting “brand new.”

The dynamics of their relationship will be a pleasure to explore.  Andrew seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve.  Love is clearly not on their agenda. Something BIG is going on behind the guise of a perfect marriage. Maybe Andrew and Siobhan/Bridget are not in love but Siobhan’s best friend Gemma Butler (Tara Summers) is trapped in a loveless marriage to Henry Butler (played by Kristoffer Polaha). Gemma suspects Henry is having an affair and believes she has pinpointed the culprit. Little does Gemma know, apparently Henry and Siobhan/Bridget are having an affair and Siobhan is pregnant with Henry’s lovechild.  Drama, drama, drama.

The episode ends with a suspenseful twist as Siobhan is alive and well in Paris. Before her born again act is noted,  audiences are left with why Siobhan has a bounty on her head.  Though Bridget thinks her assailant came to collect his pay on-behalf of crime boss  but he cashed out with a bullet to the chest.

Drama, drama, drama! Too much for one night but enough to keep my attention. “Ringer” is executive produced by Pam Veasey (“CSI, NY,” “The District”), Peter Traugott (“Samantha Who?”) and Emmy Award-winner Richard Shepard (“Ugly Betty”).  With a great team of writers, producers, directors and dynamic cast, the show has a lot of potential. Though I generally appreciated the pace and mystery, I can’t help but believe the show has a few errors that must be fixed ASAP.

First off, the producers must realize the special FX and production values are quite horrible and need retouching. Early scenes in the pilot episode where Bridget and Siobhan appeared together were not believable. The production looked as if a 10-year old child stole their big brothers MAC PRO and went crazy on Special FX.

I am sure because the freshman season must prove its worth as a great investment and money is tight but production quality is important. Overall, I give the show an A+ for effort and great storytelling. Now the big story is the “Ringer” and the story behind the mysterious characters.   How are all the stories from Wyoming and New York City interconnected? Guess we’ll have to watch to find out.