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Video: Content Philosophy

Mel Aclaro, principal at, offers viewers great tips on how to create and share content.
Content, content, content…if you don’t have valuable content you either need to rethink your strategy or business model. It all comes down to value and giving your users what they want. If you know your communities and can interact with them it should be easy to create or share other great content. Write about what you know is a true saying but in some cases, if you cannot create original content you should share what your users want to know about within your field of expertise.

You will notice the presenter went off topic a few times in this short video but the first few minutes is extremely helpful if you want to learn more about content philosophy. Check out to find out more about the presenter in the video below.


One thought on “Video: Content Philosophy

  1. Desirree. Thank you for spreading the wealth. I absolutely agree with you “content, content, content,” as they say, is king. Thanks for reading my blog and for being part of my community. :)

    Mel Aclaro

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