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Social Media Is Human

Individuals, marketers, small business owners, and other social media users often forget that humans are the driving force behind social media tools; without human interaction, social media tools cannot and would not exist. Social automation is good when a brand/individual wants to keep their audiences engaged over the weekends or throughout certain hotspots during the day. However, a person should always be on the other end of communication vehicles.

Here are some tips to make human interaction is at the core of your social media strategy:

1.) Do not auto follow or direct message on Twitter: Get to know each one of your followers by clicking on their profiles, going to the listed websites/blogs, look at the tweet history, who their followers are and who they are following, etc. If you truly know  your audience you will know what you are working with.

2.) Respond to @replies or DM’s on Twitter: Obviously, it is time-consuming to respond to each response you receive through @reply or the direct message tool. Make time to respond to your audience. It makes sense to build a response system so you know how and when to respond. Respond to the good, bad and ugly because it is important to let others know you are listening.

3.) Don’t Build and they Will Come: Build, network, follow, follow back when appropriate, respond to others, converse, share information, …etc. Get in the game. If you create a social media account and you expect people to find you then you are sadly mistaken. Promote and share why your social profile is valuable to potential interesting parties.

4.) Facebook is Not a Dumping Ground: Don’t dump information on Facebook and never respond to the people who “like” a post or comment. Ask them why they liked the post and respond to the comments when appropriate.

The lesson to be learned here is that if a brand/individual is going to use social media tools, they must engage their audience by being present…not automated. Put your head in the game and interact with your audience.  Be sure that there is always SOMEONE on the other end of the account actively engaging with the audience. That could be a community manager or a dedicated employee that sets time to do such.

How can you humanize social media? Use the comment box below to respond.


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