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How-To Tuesday: Twitter is Your Friend

Don’t be scared to get on Twitter and figure out the best way to use this social media tool for your business, personal brand, events, and other items you want to share with the Twitterverse. Note that the key word is “share” and not promote.

Who are you as a company or personal brand? If you know your core business strategy/mission/vision, then you should know your target audience.

This post comes right on the heels of my recent event, the First Annual Bloggers Soiree, which I organized and co-hosted with and Therefore this post is about how friendly the Twitterverse is when it comes to sharing events.

As I was brainstorming ways to share this event with a diverse group of bloggers/tweeters, I could not think of a handy research tool where I can view the Twitter market in one setting. I searched high and low but implementing a grassroots effort was my best bet.

So I took to my followers. Who are they following? Who are the followers-followers-followers following? This was a time-consuming and multi-layered effort but it paid off in the end.

Warning: These Steps are not easy. If you can find an easier way let me know.

Step 1: What I did was compile separate list of different bloggers—foodies, fashion, beauty, politics, social media, etc—and I researched their blogs, websites, Twitter history and put their names into a spreadsheet. Once I was ready I contacted them via Twitter and told them to check out my event, RSVP and to retweet. Check out the history of hashtag #BS2010.

Step 2: Once I exhausted myself and my Tweets for the day or at least within a few hours, I turned to the lists in Mashable’s Twitter list directory and compiled another list of bloggers/metro area Bloggers. I reached out to a few people on various list and told them about my event, the value and to share with their networks.

Step 3: Follow-up. For those that showed interest in my event I guided them to the RSVP page and thanked them for their consideration. Some RSVP’ed and some promised to. We all know it’s not gold until we can see it in writing…or in my case paid for.

Step 4: Send one last reminder to the same list you send invites to via Twitter. People usually RSVP to an event last-minute.

Here is the secret to outreach on Twitter: BUZZ. Get your audience excited about what you are sharing. More than likely they will share with their audience if they feel the excitement as well. Of course this only works if your event is truly exciting.

Don’t hound the audience constantly but get them excited with a few reminders if it’s an event, exciting video or blog post, pictures, etc. Be creative with your tweets.

The Twitter audience won’t bite and if they don’t like it the worst they can do is unfollow you!


2 thoughts on “How-To Tuesday: Twitter is Your Friend

  1. Twitter certainly is a great tool. Even if you don’t know all of your followers personally, you are introducing your brand to a host of people you would not have met otherwise.

    I’ve met some great people through twitter.

  2. Could you also do a post about your favorite twitter apps. I’ll admit that I’m a bit overwhelmed by the twitter apps and add-ons, like Uber Twitter and how to create those tiny links etc.

    I feel like an old lady trying to figure out new technology. lol

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