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Tip Monday: Blog to Build your Expertise

Last week I had a conversation with a friend about why people blog. I explained to the person that there are three reasons to build.

1. Build expertise in a core area or field

2. Value add: Give tips to solve a problem or challenge

3. Convert strangers into consumers and hopefully potential clients


Blogging is a great way to expand on skills sets, core competencies, and position your personal or company brand as an authority in certain area of field. For example, I by no means identify as a social media expert or guru…yet. I dove into social media on a sunny day in July 2005 with MySpace; Facebook in September 2006 ; LinkedIn in 2007 ; Twitter in October 2008 ; and the last two years I have explored other sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Photobucket, GetGlued, FourSquare, Novoo, Squidoo, Stumble Upon, Digg,, Reddit and many more.

I began blogging with Blogger in September 2009, became active and more content oriented in March 2010 and took my blog to the next level in May 2010. In July 2010 I moved my blog over to and launched it in August 2010. By far, I use Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn often.

For business, I started using social media in April 2009 and began cultivating my social media for business skill set in December 2009. Ever since then I have been researching the digital market, applying certain techniques to my former place of employment and other associations/activities, writing about my experiences with social media and turning them into blog posts. It was pretty much a three-tiered process and I have really honed my skills over the last few years but strategically over the last year. Those are the only reasons why I can consider myself a voice in this space. No one can take that away from me as I have earned it and still learning everyday. My goal is to offer value for the social media beginners (my market).


As part of my value offer, I give beginners or those needing basic information about social media insight into this wonderful digital world and how they can use it for business or building their personal brand online. My posts offer solutions to common beginner challenges and tools to fill in the gaps.

That all goes to say, if you know your target market, their core issues or challenges and it aligns with your business strategy/competency, then you can offer up your expertise to your market and give them what they need to know and how they can apply it.

Remember to communicate with your target market as often as possible to keep them in your good graces.


Make sure you have a way to convert your community whether it’s through blog subscriptions, content syndication or an e-newsletter. Converted consumers is value to you…this is a two-way street. Utilize it well and they will keep coming back to you.

Lesson Learned: Blog to build your expertise in a certain field. If you are perceived to offer value and solve industry specific challenges, maybe you can build authority and convert strangers into frequent consumers of your information.

If you know your target market and their what challenges face them in specific area of field in your industry, use your expertise to engage this audience and give them something they can apply to a problem. Do not pontificate on an issue and offer no solution or no value. Consumers appreciate value as their attentions span is twisted and turned on the web.

Clients might hire you or your company to continually solve your issues if you are that good. Remember, blogging is a two-way street. You give consumers value, they will come back to you as an authority source and hopefully convert into paid clients.


7 thoughts on “Tip Monday: Blog to Build your Expertise

  1. Great post and you hit it right on the money. The three reasons you have given is why I started my blog. I am trying to stay on that path of building expertise in my field and add value. My main goal is to make myself more marketable in this job market.

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