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Events: Blogger Conferences in Europe (Attend One)

A few weeks ago I complied a list of events for Bloggers in the U.S.A. for 2010 and a few in 2011. A reader asked me to compile a list of Blogger events outside of the USA and here you go.

Try to attend at least 1-2 events for bloggers per year. It can be costly but the perceived value outweighs the cost. Bloggers have got to stick together, get off the keyboard and meet each other. Bring the community offline and get out there!

Also, read this Social Fresh article by David Horne about how to get the most out of any conference.

So far, I have only found three events. Read and see where there is a need in topic wise and your part of Europe. Put together a conference on your own. Let me know how I can help.

Travel Blogger Exchange Denmark Travel Blog Exchange- November 4-6 in Copenhagen

Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) was created in 2009 as an online community for travel bloggers and web travel writers. This will be the first TBEX event to be held in Denmark.

Blogger Events in Europe Fifth International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media- July 17-20, 2011

The International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media is a unique venue that brings together researchers from the disciplines of NLP, Social Psychology, Data Mining, Sociology and Visualization to increase our understanding of social media in all its incarnations. Research that blends social science and technology is especially encouraged.

The 2011 meeting will be held in Barcelona, Spain where government innovators are experimenting with the use of social media to increase transparency and better engage with the citizenry.

For more info visit:

Wine Bloggers Conference in Europe Italy 2011

European Wine Bloggers Conference– October 14-16 Franciacorta, Italy

Join wine bloggers, new media innovators and wine industry leaders from across the globe on October 14-16 in Franciacorta – Brescia, Italy for the 2011 European Wine Bloggers Conference – the premier educational conference for new media and wine.

Now in its fourth year, this three day conference offers a unique opportunity to not only share ideas on the convergence of new media and wine, but to also network with passionate and motivated bloggers in various industries and from around the world.

Register here:

Don’t forget to read the Social Fresh article by David Horne about how to get the most out of any conference.


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