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Lil Wayne and Demi Lovato…SIGH

Lil Wayne Can't Drink What has the world come to when a rapper/songwriter like Lil Wayne is prohibited from drinking for 3 years and we act like it is the end of the world?If not the end of the world we act like we are sorry for him because he cannot drink. I have to admit his restrictions are out there but that is what he gets.

Entertainers (musicians, actors, reality TV stars, athletes, etc) must learn more public responsibility because the younger generation is easily impressed by these antics.

News broke of Demi Lovato in rehab due to substance abuse and self-mutilation and Disney kids look up to these girls. Disney Star Demi Lovato in RehabThese stars make millions off us “little” people and they can’t get their act straight.

Heck, Bow Wow is complaining about fame and wishes he was a normal life but yet they carry on with these antics that make us scratch our heads. Stop doing dirt in the public eye if you want to remain anonymous.

Let’s not talk about how entertainers have it easier when it comes to the law than everyday citizens. The same people who curse their fame use it as a crutch to get out of sticky situations.

When is enough a enough? We go crazy when news breaks about a Demi or Lil Wayne but what about the everyday people doing extraordinary work to save the world?

Are you serious?

What do you think about how public figures such as Lil Wayne and Demi paint a picture for the younger generation?


3 thoughts on “Lil Wayne and Demi Lovato…SIGH

  1. I am sorry but I don’t hold famous people responsible for being a role-model for my kids. Why? Because when they fail we want to hold them to the cross forgetting that they like us are human and fallible and so, if we hold up famous or infamous people as if they are GODS or role models for our kids than that leaves us as parents, aunts, uncles and cousins off the hook to act a fool.

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