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5 Social Media Lessons Learned in 2010

2010 has been a fantastic year for me in regards to my expansion into learning and practicing social media marketing for professional and personal use. I can only imagine how far I will go in 2011 with being a resource for social media advice for beginners . Lately I’ve seen off my social media game to focus on the Bloggers Soiree but I vow that in 2011 I will not leave my subscribers, followers and fans in the dark without new and exciting daily content. Speaking of, this is a perfect segue into the #5 social media lesson of 2010.

5.) Blogging Is A Lifestyle Choice

Maintaining a viable and good blog is not easy. Not only does content have to provide value and be fresh but its a 24/7 job. The appearance of the blog has to be kept up on a weekly if not daily basis. Links have to be constantly checked to make sure they’re not broken or missing or incorrectly linked. Copyright infringement is becoming a major problem in the blogosphere and more bloggers are turning towards original imagery. And then there is the disclaimer…I don’t even have one yet.

Maintaining a blog is a huge undertaking and its not for the lazy or weak. Before you jump into blogging make sure you have the time.

4.) Social Media Can be Time Consuming

I am a major fan of social media marketing for 1-hr a day but in reality, it’s more like 2-3 hours a day. Why? Social media is part of an overall marketing/PR plan; social media does not stand alone because it has to support a major initiative or goal. Social media is comprised of moving parts starting with strategic planning and ending with social analytics/data. Don’t just open an account and expect everyone to come. Try these three things to get going: valuable content, call-to-action attached with each post, tweet or status update; and monitoring your efforts and how it effects your bottom line.

3.) Define Your Bottom Line

Why are you using social media? Is it to share your work with your clients/customers to encourage them to purchase a product or service? Maybe offer ancillary information or value attached your existing products or services? For example, are you a maker of hair gel? Show different hair styles to be created with using the hair gel or how to properly wash out hair gel. There is a means to every end…define it clearly and do it just as clearly.

2.) How will you grow your social identity is important

Brands implement and execute exciting social media conversations (not “campaigns”) to engage audiences to connect (fan, follow, or like) and share content and get new followers to start a chain reaction. Contests do not work for all brands. Quantity is not important, quality is. What if you had 10,000 followers but only 1,000 are your loyal social brand advocates? Space is being wasted. Try to grow your online brand with the right people in your network. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them.

1.) Social Media is Interactive

Engage, engage, engage! Don’t be afraid to talk to your followers and ask them how they would like to utilize your social networking pages and streams. Ask what kind of content would be most desirable. Serve your end audience but make sure it aligns with your overall marketing goal. 

What top lessons did you learn in 2010?


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