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Top Valentines Day Picks 2011

Love is in the air everywhere you turn. To keep that love flowing, don’t forget to buy your significant other a special gift to show your love and appreciation. However, most women require more than a box of chocolates, bouquet of followers, dinner, dancing and/or going to the movies.

I got an opportunity to preview some of the hottest gifts on the market last week at the Accessories Council’s 2011 Top Gifts for Valentines Days at Marchon Eyewear in Midtown Manhattan. Sponsored by Moet & Chandon (@moet) and Cupcake Cuties (@cupcakecutiekit), brands presented over 20+ fashion and lifestyle bloggers with a preview of hot market items for Valentines.

Look at the products below. If you purchase one of the products below, your significant other will go wild!

Kathy Van Zeeland

Kathy Van ZeelandWomen love handbags! When it comes to shoes and handbags, women have closets full. Add Kathy Van Zeeland’s limited edition Mr. Postman handbag to your valentines day shopping list. Your lady will fall madly in love when she see’s this bag. If you’re seeking to impress, this is the bag.

Shop Kathy Van Zeeland at for $89.00. Follow the brand on Twitter at @kathy_vz.

B. Makowsky

B. MakowskyB. Makowsky defines luxury leather handbags. This handbag belongs in every sophisticated women’s accessories closet! I love the smell and feel of this Lizard Embossed Leather cross body bag. How sexy is it to say Lizard leather bag and its purpleish! Purple is my favorite color.

Shop B. Makowsky at for $138.00.

Revitin Oral Therapy

Revitin Men and women should care about their dental hygiene because who wants to kiss a person with nasty breath full of bacteria. Get your significant other a package of Revitin Oral Therapy! It’s also organic tooth paste.

However, giving your significant other tooth paste or sending them to a oral hygienist might be rude so to break the ice and present it as a health concern and something you both should try out.

I haven’t tried it myself but it comes highly recommend. Shop for Revitin at Follow the brand on Twitter at @smilesforlife.

Hair Rules

Hair Rules Now that your oral hygiene is taking care of, how about hair care? If you plan to run your hands through your man or ladies hair, take a hot bath or shower together and get super sexy by washing each others hair with a bottle of Hair Rules shampoo and conditioner. At a later date, take your partner down to the Hair Rules New York Salon or shop online for products at Follow @hairrules on Twitter.


CosabellaAfter your hot bath or shower and hair washing, slip on some Cosabella lingerie. Men, you must not forget to shop for her favorite style and color at major specialty stores or online at

Follow Cosabella on Twitter at @shopcosabella.


DearfoamsAfter the sexy heels and loafers come off, what are you going to put on your feet? How about some sexy Dearfoam slippers or boots to keep your feet toasty. Shop for Dearfoams at and follow the brand on Twitter at @dearfoams.

Boyfriend by Kate Walsh Perfume

Fragrance is extremely important. I am not a big perfume fan but I have to say Boyfriend by Kate Walsh is absolutely fantastic. It’s a bit musky for my taste but most women love musky scents. Purchase  Boyfriend by Kate Walsh for $44.95  at and follow the brand on Twitter at @hsn_official.



Avon is well-known for producing amazing cosmetics but their jewelry line is just as fantastic. Buy the set above and your significant other will go wild. It sparkles and its heavy…a great combination. Shop for the set at and follow the brand on Twitter at @avoninsider.


Amitron Watches I haven’t worn a watch since the days of summer camp but when I saw the Armitron Watch I feel in love. This would be a great gift for women and men. Obviously not in just this color or style. There are plenty of choices online  at

Follow the brand on Twitter at @armitronwatches.

Lena Erziak

Lena ErziakLena Erziak is an exclusive accessories brand with items ranging in price from $625-$1,829. These high quality handbags  scream “I must really love you and I better get some tonight.” If your man gets you one of these bags…it really must be true love because its expensive. Shop Lena Erziak online at and follow the brand on Twitter at @lenaerziak.

Joan Boyce

Joan BoyceFor $79.95, these egg shaped bracelets are my # 1 pick.  Enough said! They are eye-catching, beautiful and elegant. Shop Joan Boyce on


OlympusThese two cameras, priced at $199 (Olympus Stylus 3000) and $499 (PEN E-PLI), would make a great digital gift! Get the best cameras at and follow the brand on Twitter at @getolympus.

Calvin Klein CK3D

Calvin Klein CK3DWould you like to be one of the first to own Calvin Klein’s 3D glasses? Do you often see 3D movies and hate using theater glasses?  Walk in the theater with style with Calvin Klein’s CK3d collection priced at $180.00. This actually saves money if you think about how many times you go to the theaters a year and have to purchase new 3D glasses. Shop online at and follow the brand on Twitter at @calvinklein.


Last but not least you can never got wrong with Chocolates and we all know Godiva is the best. I am not a chocolate fan but I appreciate the thought and the gesture as most people do. Your valentines day is not complete until you present your significant other with a box of Godiva. Find your nearest store at and follow the brand on Twitter at @godivachoc.

My #valentinestoppicks included Joan Boyce and Armitron watches. I am a simple girl and though these two gifts are shiny and heavy, they fit more with my taste.

Tell me which items you will purchase for your significant other.


One thought on “Top Valentines Day Picks 2011

  1. This looked like a fun event! I love the Makwosky bag- I have 3 and cant get enough. I also like the Armitron watch.

    As far as the bf I dont know what to get him yet. I normally opt for non traditional vday gifts and more thoughtful creative ones. So I need to start barin storming. Cant believe its so soon.

    Btw, Des, you should check out the giveaway on my site. Its for a new liquor called Love Potion. Its delicious and aphrodisiatic. It might be nice to try with your fiance! Let me know what you think of it! :)

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