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Tip Monday: Competitive Advantage and Social Media

In this vast and dynamic world of social media, as a content creator/publisher, are you the leading competitor in your field of expertise?

social media strategy and content strategy Determine the size of your network by looking at your number of quality Twitter followers, LinkedIn Connections, Facebook Fans, blog subscribers and number of social shares; once you have done this, review our web analytics. Last step is to measure the rate of frequency to your blog, comments, popular articles, unpopular articles, and business your bring in from your blog. Compile all this data into a research report or excel and compare it to your competitors. You should know who your competitors are at all times. You probably won’t know their specific stats but look at the obvious numbers and see how you compare or differ.

Are you a leader in your area of expertise on the web?  There is tremendous amounts of competition on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, E-mail marketing, blogging and vlogging. If you are not a leader,  how do you stand out from  your fellow content creators/publishers?

Here are three tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Step # 1: Theme

Have you clearly defined the theme of your blog or website? For example, are you a lifestyle blogger that focuses on all aspects of living such as arts & culture, entertainment, fashion, beauty, home decor, cooking, etc? There is a good chance that you narrowed your niche to include just 2-3 topic areas. If you have chosen your theme and are comfortable with it, stick to it. Your website or blog should embrace it with zest and passion! And do it well. Don’t half ass the job…your personal brand is on the line.

Step # 2- Find Your BFF

The sandbox method. Gather where the other kids are playing and make nice. Who is your ideal audience and where can you find them? When you are a content virgin, chances are your just sharing with your friends who are going to help popularize your content and they probably are not your ideal audience.

Find them. Opportunity doesn’t come knocking often. Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Google search to find out exactly what people are talking about in your core area and talk back to them! Funnel those people into your network. Funnel, funnel, funnel.  Don’t be afraid to send blind emails or tag these people in tweets to drive traffic to your fresh and original content. Just don’t become a spammer.

You’re not creating content for your health or just because you felt like doing it. Your creating content to raise a question and find a solution, share great products and valuable and useful information. You might create content to funnel in potential clients for your business. Every piece of content has a call to action attached to it. That is why it is important to have a theme that is clear and relevant and a great audience to consume and use the information.

Step # 3: Lights, Camera, Action

Now that you have chosen your theme and the topics/subject areas your website or blog will cover and begin to cultivate a relevant audience, have you decided what is your call to action?

If you write a blog post about a new nail polish, what do you want your readers to do? Should they buy the product and try it, repost the content, comment, or share via Twitter and Facebook? Give your readers something to do. Homework if you want to call it that.

Decide what you want your readers to do before you write the post. The problem with some lifestyle bloggers is that the readers enjoy what they can’t have so they want to see what other people have and dream about it. They will not buy and have no intentions to buy.

For example, if you blog about luxury cars, the average person cannot afford the car. That is why it is important to have  relevant readers consuming your content because you know they will react the way you want them to. Or at least share it with others who will.

Remember, as a content creator/publisher, you are seen as a know-it-all.  Make sure your readers know that! It’s all about content strategy.

You have a lot of homework to do to analyzing your market and make sure your content vehicle is aligned with your business or marketing goals. Hire me to formalize this process.

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