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Are Blogs Converting Readers into Consumers?

Convert Blog Readers into Consumers Think about what reader loyalty means to your blog. There is a difference between a reader and a consumer. A reader is a person that checks out the content, clicks few links, maybe comments and shares. A consumer is a person who has subscribed to your blog, consume content daily, comment, use the share tools, take away lessons or buy a product and/or service; or actually contemplate the usefulness of the content and how they can apply it to their world.

With that said, do you consider your blog a vehicle to convert visits or regular readers into consumers? If you’re not, what is the point?

Building healthy blog traffic is a 3-6 month process because the web is inundated with millions of blog. Everyone wants to get in on the action and some do not set themselves apart. For example, the web is buzzing with beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers and they all blog about the same thing: Kate Middelton’s style, the Royal Wedding, MAC Cosmetics, Vogue Magazine, beauty tips, fashion tips, top picks for fashion, etc. Everyone’s point-of-view differs but it is the same content.

How do you break out from the mold? Your blog must publish amazing and remarkable content that is an authority figure. Become an authority in your industry blog. Go beyond writing your point-of-view and offer tips, solutions and problem solve! For example, one of your readers is a 40 year old mother whose children are in college, single, and is bored with life. Offer that mother ways to jump back on the saddle and reclaim her life.

Here are three tips to convert readers into consumers:

1. Conduct surveys on your blog so you know the type of people who are visiting your site and capture their name, email, age, income range, hobbies, etc. Marketing research is important because brands and advertisers want to know who your readers/subscribers are.

2. Your blog should never go off topic. Make sure your content aligns with your blog theme or content strategy. It might take a simple visitor or reader a few blog posts to decide if they want to receive regular email updates from you. Stay on topic and your subscribers will stay with you and you will grow your list.

For tip # 3, email me at to set up a consultation on how to grow your blog.

Feel free to add to the list of ways to convert readers into consumers.


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