Desiree Frieson

Photo Credit: Chris Vongaswat

Queens, NY didn’t know what it was gaining in 1985 when Desiree Frieson was born. It birthed a budding tech entrepreneur, social media fanatic, avid connector, professional thinker and strategist- and who knows what else the future holds for this mad communicator.

Desiree  is a communications professional with 6+ years experience working with  non-profits, digital magazines and tech startups. Many would say her career began in the Department of Institutional Advancement at Wesley College, or the marketing department at Odyssey Networks (formerly Faith & Values Media),  but Desiree really began her career with  Mahogany Communications, a VERY small communications firm catering to the little guys.  It was this moment where Desiree realized what entrepreneurship really meant and how much of a bitch it was to keep up with the bills, to fail, to succeed, to get stuck, get used and abused, and make life long connections.

Connection building for Desiree was the name of the game between 2007-2010.   Desiree developed a passion for volunteerism, social networking, blogging, event planning, and mentoring. She became known in specific circles as an avid blogger, social connector, and anti-sex trafficking activist. Desiree wanted to find outlets to expand her horizons, expertise, personal and professional brand.

Recognition came in February 2011 when Desiree was awarded the 1st Annual JWT Diffreneter Award for Modern-day Black History Makers during Black History Month. A prestigious award celebrating New York City’s finest black professionals creating social change in their community, Desiree was awarded for her work with the Bloggers Soiree, a social initiative created to connect bloggers with nonprofits in New York City. After her success with Bloggers Soiree, in March 2011, Desiree created MomPreneurs Against Human Trafficking (MAHT)  a social justice initiative for moms in business bringing awareness to victims of sex-trafficking.

Between Bloggers Soiree and MAHT, Desiree fell in love with the tech world. She took on small project based work with ecommerce and tech startups in New York City, Toronto, California,  and South America.  How could Desiree ride the tech wave using her expertise in marketing, social media, and PR? Many ideas came to her and the most obvious idea was to create a solution to make public relations accessible and affordable for the little guys. A majority of Desiree’s freelance work focused on small businesses and entrepreneurs , and after much research, her new web application to streamline day-to-day media relations operations for small businesses will launch in 2014.

In the mix of the tech craze she is currently experiencing, Desiree is working on two side projects with 3 Day Startup NYC (3DS) Fall 2013 program and The Center for Women Startups.

In a former life, Desiree contributed to Lifestyle & Charity Magazine (now Conscious Magazine),  SLife Magazine Online,, and Her Journey Magazine .

Connect with Desiree on LinkedInTwitter and Google+.

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